Online Real Estate

Domain Names are Online Real Estate

Domain Owners, Domain Agents, Domain Buyers, Domain Sellers, Domain Name Brokers, Domain Auctions, etc., …sounds like online real estate to me!

Domain Name Brokers are actually online land or property owners. Owning a domain name means that you own a piece of property on the one and only World Wide Web (World-Accessible Property). As time goes on and more online property is purchased each piece of property becomes more valuable; this is why domain name brokering has become an actual legitimate occupation.

Initially owners of domain names (people who legally purchased a domain name and owned it outright but didn’t have plans of using it for anything other than the investment) …were considered “domain name squatters.” To some people, for whatever the reason …domain squatting was looked at in a bad light. Just the name… “Squatting” has a negative sound and feel to it. Regardless, domain names were purchased and they were not used for anything in particular but rather held onto in wait for the highest bidder.

While waiting …some domain name owners earn money from their parked domain names through programs that provide revenue streams from traffic, links or referrals. While at the same time they are parked and earning money, some companies offer: custom domain name for sale pages; included in their free parking service (which makes the domain name an online marketing billboard). It’s all easy, most often free to the domain name owner and the possibility of earning money from unused domain names is there.

Domain brokering became a huge business and it is only getting bigger. The players change frequently and so does the price of online property. While some companies will offer domain name appraisal services to anyone willing to pay to find out someone’s perceived value of a domain name (using widely-esteemed or not so esteemed calculated variables)… others have chosen to set a price they are willing to pay and negotiate with the domain name owner or the domain name owner’s agent.

In the end the value of a piece of property is exactly what the purchaser is willing to pay for it and the owner is willing to sell it for. Sure certain variables such as: Location – Extension (.Com, .US, etc.), Size – How Many Letters,  – Word or Phrase (1 Word, 2 Words, 3 Words, etc.) …and the Appraised Opinion all add to the value of a piece of property, whether it be online or on a plot of dirt; but (when paying in full for a piece of property) the true value can only be decided by the buyer and the seller (example: would you pay 35 million dollars for a two word domain name? was purchased for that price in 2007 …and was purchased for just over 30 million dollars in 2012 …would either of these domain names ever be appraised at that price by any individual, business and/or domain appraiser? Answer: NO).

The Domain Name Market continues to astonish us all and will continue to surprise us when we least expect it. Sells are always taking place through the private sector or via a domain name brokering service; and the right domain name for anyone is just an offer away.